July 19, 2019
Hi Family,
It is with deep regret we are canceling this year’s July 19-21st, 2019 family reunion in Rocky Mount, North Carolina due to lack of support.  We have tried to encourage everyone to pay their monies prior to February 1st, since that has not happen we had no choice but to cancel the family reunion in the hopes of not losing more monies than we have already invested.
We are saddened not to be able to get together this year to see the family, have some fun and fellowship with one another. But, as we all know we cannot have a family reunion without family.  We believe the government shutdown and its uncertainty played a major part in the flow of funds available for the reunion. 
For all those who paid their monies towards this year’s family reunion “thank you”, for your participation and support. Refunds will be sent back to you ASAP.
P.S. I've canceled ALL hotel reservations.
Thank you,
Randy Gardner
Committee Chair
Della Wilkins  Born March 26, 1862  Died March 26, 1934
Della Wilkins Born March 26, 1862 Died March 26, 1934
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