Please provide ANY information that you think is noteworthy about you or a family member and send to Carol Wilkins Freeman (Lorenzo Wilkins) - Use the list below as a starting point.

Funny Photos
Use funny photographs. Fresh new pictures of kids doing something funny is always engaging and ripe for further conversation.

Family trivia
List a bunch of interesting facts about different people in the family without actually naming the person. Have family members guests as to which one matches home. Post the answers in the following issue so that people have something to look forward to.

Recent Achievements
Talk about recent achievements that have occurred. Recent business ventures, job promotions, or even a recital by your eight year old niece. Any subject that will put a smile on people’s faces is ripe to be mentioned.

Ancient History
If you are not aware of family history then get to know it well. talk to relatives who know your family’s history in great detail and take some notes.  When looking for information about your family’s history, don’t go with vague questions. Focus on a single ancestor and ask specific questions about their education, occupation and any funny stories that the relative may be aware of. By asking specific questions, you will get very detailed historical information that you can use in the family newsletter.

Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Etc.
Towards the end of the year, include a birthday section in your newsletter. Every family member’s birthday should be mentioned along with contact information. This issue will be the one that most people stick to their refrigerators as it will provide a constant reminder of upcoming birthdays in the entire family.

Family Reunion Updates
A family newsletter is a great way to provide updates on upcoming family reunion information. You can use a section of the newsletter to bring people up to date on things like hotel room block information.

In our newsletter, we always had a standard family reunion update on the first page of every newsletter to serve as a reminder and also reflect its importance to everyone.

Highlights From The Last Family Reunion
Another great topic of much interest is a recap of the previous reunion. Once your family reunion is done, make sure the next newsletter includes a well-written recap of the events. Include lots of pictures and links to videos on YouTube. This will not only delight those who were there, it will also help catch up the folks that couldn’t make it.

Family Recipes And Cookbooks
You’d be surprised at how many good cooks there are in your own family. Many will gladly hand over their most treasured recipes to share with the rest of the family if only you asked.

Recap Of Past Reunion
The very next newsletter after a family reunion should be filled with a recap along with pictures and links to videos.  doing so will bring everyone who couldn’t attend up-to-date. It will also provide a good historical document for future family reunions.

Family Tree
Another option to include in the newsletter is a family tree. You may want to use family tree software or a spreadsheet to create this section. Simply insert the names of each family member starting with the heads of the family and moving downward. Be sure to include spouses and children for each branch of the tree.

Get To Know Your Family Profile
Post a new profile of one family in every issue. Include their occupations, hobbies, interests and a family picture. For relative that haven’t seen each other in a while, this would be a conversation starter.

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