July 21, 2011
Dear Family,
            The committee would like to thank all of you for your attendance and participation in the Wilkins Connection Family Reunion Weekend, July 15-17, 2011.  Everyone seemed to have a great fun filled time.  The weather was just perfect! 
            The main objective was that we come together to celebrate and honor the legacy of Ephram and Della Wilkins.  The Family received letters of encouragement and well wishes from Beverly Eaves Perdue, Governor of North Carolina, Donald A. Morris, Mayor of Tarboro as well as a Proclamation from the Township of Tarboro, declaring our family event as the  2011 Wilkins Connection Family Reunion Weekend (see attached).   
            This year we received over 208 family members to pre-register and an approximately 20 walk-ups.  It was our desire that everyone be able to take part in this fabulous celebration -- no one was turned away!   
  Every effort was made to ensure that there was something for all ages.  The activity that we are most proud of was the relocation and the consecration of  the new burial site of our fore parents, Ephraim and Della to the Horace Wilkins Cemetery at the Conetoe Missionary Baptist Church.  We hope that you were able to witness this historical event in our family.  If you did not make it there – not to worry – SE Media captured the entire weekend via photography and videography.   I will email everyone shortly with how and when you can view and/or purchase on line.
Each year we welcome your comments and/or suggestions which are used for improvements, wherever possible, for the next reunion.  However, no matter how much planning is done, there are some unforeseen mishaps which may occur that are beyond our control.  Therefore, the committee wishes to extend our sincere apology if you were affected or inconvenienced in any manner.  The committee will make every effort to ensure that it does not recur at the next family reunion.
Please remember, the 2013 Wilkins Connection Family Reunion in Tarboro (3rd weekend in July) is open for anyone to coordinate.  Again, the 2011 Wilkins Connection Family Reunion Committee thanks you for your participation.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and may God continue to bless you and your family in a mighty way.
Love Y’all
2011 Reunion Committee
Carol, Jannie, Mildred, Rudulph, Randy, Rommey, Butch, Mianka, Jenee’